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Vibrational Altitude Report™ 🔮

This is the foundation for Kimberly's Infinity System.

PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 48 HOURS for your Vibrational Altitude Report to be prepared. Even longer if ordered on a Friday or over the weekend. Check your  SPAM box before contacting us for missing reports.

Your report will include YOUR specific readings for 50+ calibrations as Kimberly remotely accesses your energy field without needing to speak to you, know anything about you, nor needing to see a picture of you, including:

  • Mind ~ the kind of thinking you have. The higher the vibe the more positive your thinking will be.
  • Wealth ~ how big is your container? How much money, love, support, time, etc. can you have?
  • Money ~ how big is your capacity to manifest and magnetize money and rich resources? Are you in vibrational alignment with it?
  • Martyr ~ how much unnecessary suffering are you creating? 
  • Victim ~ how much you are attracting feeling taken advantage of?
  • Shame ~ how much hiding energy do you have?
  • Anger ~ how much anger is simmering in the background that you may be unaware of?
  • Fear ~ how much of feeling paralyzed, unmotivated, distracted, tired, disabled, pushed down, and powerless is from fear? Fear usually puts us in the future and is the greatest control mechanism on our planet. Specific fears can be identified during your session.
  • Guilt ~ how much are you holding for past misconduct, immoral behavior, and/or harm to others?
  • False Ego ~ how much do you identifying yourself with a character or personality that is not the real you?
  • Heart ~ how open is your heart center?
  • Joy ~ how much are you in a state of BEing generated from within versus happy which is a temporary feeling from outer experiences?
  • Unconditional love for yourself ~ how much self-love vs self-loathe do you have?
  • Pleasure ~ how big is your capacity to experience joyful gratification even beyond sexual pleasure?
  • Passion ~ how big is your ability to connect with what excites you about life and your mission on this planet?... not to be confused with anger.
  • Telomeres ~ how gracefully will you age or stay youthful and full of vitality?
  • DNA ~ how much of your divine blueprint you have activated?
  • Masculine ~ the mind: how much of this capacity do you access to use logic & reasoning, create structures, and get things done?
  • Feminine ~ the heart: how much do you self-nurture, tap into your creativity & intuition, and collaborate?
  • Embodied ~ how fully do you occupy your body? Not being in the body can be a coping mechanism for stress, but then you won't hear what your body is telling you.
  • Conscious ~ how much are you operating from your conscious mind versus your sub-conscious mind...how awake are you?
  • Creative Rings ~ how many of your 70 rings are you using to create and manifest?
  • Senses ~ how many of your 360 senses are you accessing?
  • Ascension ~ how far have you ascended?
  • Cords ~ how many people energetically block & siphon your energy and where do they plug in?
  • Outgrown Spirit Guides ~ how many are still operating from old paradigms keeping you in outdated beliefs, ways of being, and old habits and where are they in your energy filed?
  • Fear Entities ~ how many outside entities are causing unrealistic fears that prevent you from moving forward and where are they?
  • NEW: Discarnate Beings (dead people) ~ do you have relatives, friends, or others who have passed on and have not ascended who are still carrying on their miserable life through you?
  • NEW: Energetic Implants ~ used by the reptilian influence on the planet to affect our physiology...how many to you have and where?
  • NEW: Spells ~ these can be placed on you in this lifetime, or from past lives by people and groups. They are also being used by The 1% and Reptilian energies. How many do you have?
  • NEW: Curses these can be placed on you in this lifetime, or from past lives by people and groups. They are also being used by The 1% and Reptilian energies. How many do you have?
  • The 1% ~ an energy heavily influencing the planet causing us to feel enslaved, thinking there is nothing we can do about it and feeling like struggle is our fault. What degree do they influence you?
  • Reptilian energy ~ how much are you being influenced by “THE” most powerful, deceptive, and oppressive invisible influence keeping humanity in self-doubts, uncertainty, anxiety, worry, anger, and fear?
  • Awakened Warrior ~ "THE" most powerful part of our energy field with 360 degrees of heightened awareness where we access our 360 senses. How much are you accessing?

    * Details explained in the report.

After using the Hawkins' scale of human consciousness for four years and after 25 ayahausca journeys in the Amazon jungle in Peru, I broke through his scale and created a NEW SCALE that goes to infinity representing the ability to access infinite possibilities.

Your report will tell you where the blocks exist that are bringing any of your calibrations down. If you are a healer, you can use your own methods to clear these blocks.

Your report comes with a 30 minute Enrollment Call to get all your questions answered about your report, to see what you are desire to create as an advanced healer, conscious mentor, or powerful entrepreneur.

🔮 Please provide the NAME of the person the report is for. Kimberly can do from an email address, but it may not be as accurate.

***Kimberly Sherry is not a medical nor mental health professional. She does not diagnose nor treat medical or mental health conditions. Kimberly's work is intended to complement working with your medical doctor or mental health professional not replace it. If you have a serious illness, or mental health disorder, please consult a medical or mental health professional. Kimberly also can not guarantee how much money you will make. She can not control the efforts one will bring to the process.

What People Are Saying:

After our call and the following days, I definitely felt that something had moved out of the way. I can sense the difference between before and after. What felt absolute true for me and no way for me to change because I thought I have no power in the situation and was powerless, now feels like faint limiting beliefs that I can easily shift. I realize that instead of trying hard to succeed I was trying hard to not succeed by creating situations to find a reason why I can't level up because it would be easier to give up. Now I see clearly and process things differently. I am feeling new inspirations about things I couldn't understand before. I am more than happy and grateful about this vibration report. The next step for me is to manifest the 30-day quantum leap program. Ocean of love 💕

Inna S.

It’s truly amazing how she could describe every little detail I needed to hear. I’m so glad I found her.

Mashail Ghammas

Kimberly... thank you soooooooooo much for my Vibrational Altitude Report and for seeing ME and liberating me from all the disempowering entities and energies! You've definitely influenced the trajectory of my life! I am infinitely grateful!

Suzaita Hipolito

I have to say that you brought me to tears and a deep sadness, because you nailed it... it's deeply upsetting because it's all so true. I was thankful to see the progress as well :)) Time to CHANGE now!

Linda O

"Your report has nailed what is going on with me. You are amazing!"

Deb Dutcher

I am amazed by your temperature report. This is so accurate. I will definitely apply for some program. I feel like I can trust you since you are amazingly intuitive. I look forward to our 30 minute assessment session. You are the real deal.

Bojana S. -