33 Days of Aligning to a New Era 🎊🏹🌎✨

Starting 11/11/20, join me and a group of conscious coaches, high-level healers, and inspired leaders as we spend 33 days going inward to access more of our divine nature as abundant luminaries among a world in chaos.

We will process through 3 phases of growth: 
1) Clear our intentions, 2) align to our deepest desires, and 3) manifest our dreams. We will leave the past behind and get fully present, eliminate out-dated programs of limiting and lack-mindsets, fears, and anger towards those overpowering humanity. We will de-cord daily if necessary all people dragging us down. We will align with New Moon energies to amplify our abundant intentions. We build our dreams. We will rewrite our future vision to generate the outcome we desire.

Let's lead the way as abundant luminaries into this Golden Age! ✨🥰🌟

What's included:

  • Daily 20-30 minute LIVE MediClearings, EXCEPT SUNDAYS, for 33 days 
  • Illustrations to help you visualize better
  • Recordings of all sessions
  • BONUS: Ready for My Breakthrough Mini-Course ($19 value)
  • BONUS: Activate My Money Manifesting Mini-Course ($19 value)
  • BONUS: Reprogramming meditations
  • SURPRISE BONUS - ($79 value)
  • Kimberly's upcoming book "Access YOUR Ultimate Power: The Blueprint to Infinite Intelligence" for $1 ($25 value)

DAILY 20 minute MediClearing starts: 11/11 - 12/18 
8:00 am PDT ~ San Francisco
11:00 pm EDT ~ New York
4:00 pm BST ~ London
1:00 am AEST ~ Sydney (following day) (recordings available)

TIME ZONE CONVERTER to find your time:

All calls are recorded and available 24/7.

FULL REFUND AVAILABLE through 11/13 - 
Try it out. If it's not for you, email [email protected] and request. Your money will be returned no questions asked. I only want people who are aligned with this process and committed to their growth and development.


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