Master Aging Gracefully...

by amplifying your light quotient!

Did you know your deepest dreams and desires already exist in higher frequencies?
You just need to align to them.

I help you slow the aging process, with ease and grace, even if you’ve tried everything and don’t think it’s possible.

The first step in this journey is to get your Human Technology Assessment for 110+ calibrations of your body systems.

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Benefits of Your Human Technology Assessment


You'll understand why your body struggles, why you are always tired, why your skin looks older than you feel inside. You will STOP blaming yourself and start being kinder to you.


I will reveal where all your energy blocks hide and diminish your radiance. You can use your gifts to clear what I find or we can chat for 30 min to help you decide if you'd like additional help.


No questions asked, no picture to see, and no need to chat beforehand. I use my human technology to enter the quantum field and scan your energy field from anywhere in the world.

I’m Kimberly Sherry

I help women in their prime learn how to master their energy to amplify their light body and activate their inner healer to slow the aging process, with ease and grace, even if you’ve tried everything and don’t think it’s possible.

I help advanced healers learn how to access your hidden infinite intelligence that has been suppressed for eons, but can now unlock the secrets to anti-aging and vibrant longevity.

If you want to be able to impact people who are impacting the world... your journey starts here >>>

Skye Kooyman

"...I didn't have to go back and re-experience those memories. I didn't have to go back to those really traumatic experiences and relive them....I haven't felt this free since I was 5 years old! I will be grateful for Kimberly sharing her gifts for the rest of my life."

"Your report has nailed what is going on with me. You're amazing!"

Deb Dutcher
Health Coach, Author and Speaker

"I have to say that you brought me to tears and a deep sadness, because you nailed it... it's deeply upsetting because it's all so true. I was thankful to see the progress as well :)) Time to CHANGE now!"

Linda O

"I am amazed by your technology assessment. This is so accurate. I will definitely apply for some program. I feel like I trust you since you have shown amazing abilities. I look forward to our 30-minute chat. You are the real deal."

Bojana S

"When the teacher appears because the student is ready then it's meant to be in all divine timing. I am so grateful for Kimberly's gift. I have had the honour to work with her and a powerful gift she has to help me live in my abundance. I am a lightworker myself and I knew deep inside me I needed someone like Kimberly to reach new heights. Her gift is astounding and I would highly recommend her to everyone who is ready for a transformation."

Phuong B Phan
Founder of School Of Purpose, Coach, Radio Host, Int'l Speaker

"Kimberly's knowledge and expertise is truly remarkable. As a healer and coach myself, I not only learned a lot, but have shifted a number of times throughout the Vibrational Reset class. My gifts have expanded, my intuition heightened, and my fears are gone. AND I gained much more of a following in my business and a number of new clients DURING the class! She is a true leader, one who empowers others to follow their calling and shine. If you sense the timing is right to work with her, you won't be disappointed!"

Rosalyn S
Intuitive Energy Healer & Reiki Master

"I had the pleasure of working with Kimberly and all I can say is I was amazed by the whole experience. My business has picked up and the abundance has started to flow in. She took 4 spirit guides out that were affecting me in many ways. I feel so relieved and I would recommend her services to other people."

Erica S

"Kimberly is an absolute gift to the world. Every session I have had with her, I instantly felt better and certain areas of my life have improved dramatically, highly recommend!"

Elle W
Director at EPW Global Trading

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