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Kimberly Sherry ~ Int'l Energy Healer & Money Energy Expert, Inspirational Speaker, #1 Best Selling Author & Mentor helps you Access YOUR Ultimate Power!

Born and raised in a religious cult, Kimberly left at 38 when she became suicidal. She then ran a support group for former members for 9 years, deprogrammed through weekly education and practice at a psychic institute in California for 12 years, healed with plant medicines while working with shamans in Peru, and after 25 ayahuasca journeys broke Dr. David Hawkins’ scale of human consciousness to create a new scale that goes to infinity.

Kimberly outlines her new Infinity Scale in her book, Access YOUR Ultimate Power: The Blueprint To Infinite Intelligence. The Infinity System reveals what infinite possibilities are available when you access hidden powers to heal yourself using your infinite intelligence.

After filing for bankruptcy in 2009, she made it her mission to find the energy secrets of why some thrive financially and others struggle endlessly. In 4 short years, she went from living on the side of the road in her motorhome on food stamps to effortlessly enjoying a 6 figure income and paying off more than $12,000 in back taxes.

Kimberly helps powerful world-changing women discover a more feminine approach to reach 6 & 7+ figure incomes by mastering the energy of their money and becoming energetically aligned to their deepest desires.

Her gifts of healing and measuring vibrational frequencies let her know when her clients have reached the highest frequencies possible. This allows YOU, an ambitious inspirational woman, to thrive without burning out!

Today, Kimberly is living her dream traveling the world working remotely with clients and asking her favorite question: "How does it get any better than this?"... She reminds us to stay in that blissful question of…”I wonder…?"

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***Kimberly Sherry is not a medical nor mental health professional. She does not diagnose nor treat medical or mental health conditions. Kimberly's work is intended to complement working with your medical doctor or mental health professional not replace it. If you have a serious illness, or mental health disorder, please consult a medical or mental health professional. Kimberly also can not guarantee how much money you will make. She can not control the efforts one will bring to the process.


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