Do You Know Where Your Physiology is
on The Energetic ✨🧠 Spectrum?

Most of the issues we face within our bodies,
show up in the energy field of our physiology
long before we may experience physical issues.

Get your Human Technology Assessment™ to receive 110+ calibrations
of your physical organs, glands, and body systems and
their corresponding light quotient measured in millivolts.

Discover which calibrations need elevating to enhance the overall functioning of your physiology, for more peace of mind and youthful radiance.
You may be closer to achieving this than you realize.


"Your exterior radiance will always reflect you inner
light quotient."

~ Kimberly Sherry ~


As we enter this accelerating Golden Age, our bodies are changing from a carbon based body to a crystaline structure.

This relates to how much light we can hold in our bodies.

We are the highest evolved species in the multiverse because of
this capacity we are just beginning to understand.

In order to allow more light into our bodies, first we need to know how much we are currently embodying and seeing how this reflects into our daily life.

If you are struggling with any of your physiology, it will show up in the numbers in this assessment. Your life will start to make more sense once you know your vibrational read.


Tell me more! 


To achieve our desired state of health and wellness,
which is reflected in our exterior radiance,
it is essential to raise our vibrational frequency within our physiology.

First, it is crucial to determine your current calibrations
to know how far you are from our goals.
This can be likened to the most vital part of a map where it says…You are HERE!

As humans are evolving into this Golden Age, we are expanding our connection to the crystalline structure within our bodies. This enables us to sustain the highest attainable light quotient, which is a measurable indicator of our spiritual radiance. This quantifiable quotient holds immense importance in maintaining and nurturing our continuously evolving state of enlightenment.

 Although I do not assert the ability to cure any ailments or heal dis-ease, my mission is to assist you in tapping into your own innate healing potential and provide you with techniques and resources to reach your highest light quotient. It is important to note that in the realm of the highest energetic frequencies, there is no presence of illness and cells with low vibrational energy do not exist.

Here is what will be measured:

  • Digestive System
       small intestine 
       gall bladder 

  • Central Nervous System
      spinal column 
       brain: Left / Right
       corpus callosum 
     •  thalamus 
     •  hippocampus 

  • Elimination System
     •. Kidneys 
        * Epidermis
        * Dermis
               * Collagen 
               * Elastin 
        * Subcutaneous  
        * The skin as a sensory organ

  • Immune System
       Bone marrow
       Lymph nodes and fluid

  • Endocrine System  
       Pituitary gland 
       Pineal gland 
       Thyroid gland 
       Parathyroid gland
       Adrenal glands

  • Circulatory System
       Blood vessels 
       Blood pressure % of normal
       Blood purity

  • Reproductive System
       Hormones: estrogen, testosterone, progesterone 

  • Skeletal System 

  • Muscular System

  • Telomeres (bringing these back to stasis is key to age reversal and creating youthful vibrance and longevity.)

  • (NEW) Longevity Markers
       Stem Cells
       Nitric Oxide

  • Inoculation aftereffects
       Creative Rings  (These rings are an integral aspect of your unseen energy anatomy, positioned above your head in a stacked formation. They serve as vessels for your dreams and desires, playing a vital role in our sovereignty and the manifestation process. 3 is minimum, maximum is 100, and then it extends to infinity.)
       Heart Charka
       Control Beings  (Part of the dark forces controlling the planet.)

  • Energetic Implants (etheric technology used by the dark forces to affect our physiology.)

  • EMOTIONS and stress play a big role in how well our bodies function.


  • BELIEFS are what we create in our life...what we think about the most often, for the longest duration, with the greatest intensity is what manifests into reality.

      False Ego

Benefits Of Your Human Technology Assessment™

  • AWARENESS: You'll understand why your body is struggling, why you feel disconnected, and why everything you have tried previously only helped a little.
  • CLARITY: I will reveal where your light is hiding in all of these organs and body systems so you can begin to embody more radiance.
  • EASE: No questions asked, no picture to see, no forms to fill out. I scan your quantum energy field from anywhere in the world. 



I am Pleiadian star seed from 500 years in the future. I have been given access to and have reconnected with a technology that is common place to our future selves.

In this life, I bring extensive experience in the healing arts since 1979 as an Iridologist, Body Worker, and Energy Expert to empower individuals worldwide through this transformative work.

Through remote sessions, I support individuals in activating their innate human technology to  unlock their true potential for personal growth and development.

I have worked extensively with plant medicines and after 25 ayahausca journeys in the Amazon jungle in Peru (2011-2016), I broke through the Hawkins' scale and created the NEW INFINITY SCALE™ which reflects the ability to access infinite possibilities. 

I access my infinite intelligence connected to the quantum field to read and measure your energy field without needing to speak to you, know anything about you, nor need to see a picture of you.

I have not heard of ANYONE
that measures calibrations with such accuracy and NO ONE is measuring the light quotient that I know of.
I have done thousands of these readings and the most common
reply is:
"You nailed it."
"Spot on!"

What's included?

  • Human Technology Assessment™ with 110+ calibrations of your physiology, beliefs, and emotions. (value of $222)
  • A complimentary 30 minute enrollment call to get all your questions answered about your report (NOT a healing session) and to discover if you can do this on your own or you need help and what that may look like. (value of $444)
  • BONUS: I'm Ready For My Breakthrough Mini-Course (value of $29)

TOTAL VALUE: Over $695 for only $222!

The Human Technology Assessment™ is a PREREQUISITE to work with me. THIS IS WHERE TO START...

PLEASE NOTE: If you are requesting a report for a family member or a friend, make sure to add his/her name.
** Allow up to 48 hours to prepare your report. Longer if requesting on a Friday or over the weekend.


Don't just take my word for it...see what others have to say!.. 🙋‍♀️🎶🎊



Mashail Ghammas

"It’s truly amazing how she could describe every little detail I needed to hear. I’m so glad I found her."


Bojana S.

"I am amazed by your Vibrational Altitude Report. This is so accurate. I feel like I can trust you since you are amazingly intuitive. I look forward to our 30 minute assessment session. You are the real deal."


Deb Dutcher

"Your report has nailed what is going on with me. You are amazing!"


Rosalyn Santos, Reiki Master

"Kimberly's knowledge and expertise is truly remarkable. As a healer and coach myself, I not only learned a lot, but have shifted a number of times. My gifts have expanded, my intuition heightened, and my fears are gone."


Christine Silva

"Kimberly quickly gets to the root of the issues that have plagued me for many years and 'life-times. Thank you!"


Phuong Phan, Business & Spiritual Coach

"I am a light-worker myself and I knew deep inside me I needed someone like Kimberly to reach new heights. Her gift is astounding and I would highly recommend her to everyone who is ready for a transformation."

Request your Human Technology Assessment™ and find out where your physiology✨ 🧠✨ is on the energetic  spectrum. 
Everything is about to make more sense...

Let's see!

About Kimberly

Kimberly Sherry is an International Frequency Alchemist, Energy Expert, Inspirational Speaker, #1 Best Selling Author, and Spiritual Mentor, known for breaking through the Hawkins’ Scale of human consciousness and creating the new Infinity System, Infinity Scale, and MediClearings.

She has helped tens of thousands of people across the globe break through life challenges and limiting beliefs to create great financial success, more loving relationships, and improved health and wellness.

If you are ready to experience greater youthful vibrance and vitality to amplify the JOY in your life, Kimberly's work is full of all you need for that empowerment!


Kimberly Sherry guides you in harnessing the power within to amplify your inner radiance and bring transformative shifts into your life.

Kimberly is not a medical nor mental health professional. She does not diagnose nor treat medical or mental health conditions. Kimberly's work is intended to complement working with your medical doctor or mental health professional 
not replace it. If you have a serious illness, or mental health disorder, please consult a medical or mental health professional. She can not control the efforts one will bring to the process.