The Energy of Love

6 weeks to a more loving relationship with yourself,
a current partner or loved one,
or attract the loving partnership you deeply desire.


  • The real purpose of relationships.
  • 2 main reasons love gets blocked.
  • The #1 cause of arguments & divorce and how to eliminate it.
  • How to clearly attract your deeper desires beyond your fears.
  • How to have difficult conversations, including money, with ease.
  • How to stop over-giving without feeling guilty.
  • How to stop overthinking and drop into that trusted place that knows.
  • How to energetically work on the relationship instead of your partner.
  • If you're compatible without wasting time, energy, and resources.
  • Sexual chemistry without ever sleeping with them....ohhhh it's possible!
  • How to reset your love blueprints.
  • Tools to help you raise your love vibes, open your channels to receiving, and amplify your magnetic radiance.
  • AND so much more...

❖ WEEK 1 ~ Mindsets/Financial Independence

* The 2 main blocks to love?
* The #1 cause of arguments and divorce?
* Guided meditation will clear past love blueprints, self-judgemtnds, martyr, victim, shame & anger, will open the heart & elevate money vibes.

❖ WEEK 2 ~ Clarify Your Dream

*  How to send a clear message to the Universe so you actually attract your deepest desires.
*  Understand the energetic mechanics of why successful relationships work.
*  How to amplify the relationship centers in your home.
*  Guided meditation will clear more love blocks, ground your love dream, clear spells & curses, and clear Valentine's expectations.

❖ WEEK 3 ~ Communicate With Ease

*  Why you should NEVER cut energy cords and discover a better way to remove cords from past relationships.
*  Why you are energetically not heard or understood and how to have difficult money conversations?
*  What's your Love Language?
*  Guided meditation will clear past relationships that interfere with your current or incoming one.

❖ WEEK 4 ~ Balance Masculine & Feminine

*  How to stop over giving and depleting yourself and allow yourself to be cared for without the guilt.
*  How to stop overthinking and drop into that trusted place that knows.
*  How to create coherence between the mind and heart.
*  Guided meditation will amplify both masculine and feminine energies to 100%.

❖ WEEK 5 ~ The Magical WE Space

*  How to energetically work on the relationship instead of your partner.
*  Opening to more self-love.
*  Guided meditation will clear what is getting stirred up.

❖ WEEK 6 ~ Compatibility

*  How to know if there is compatibility before wasting time, energy, and resources.
*  How to measure the level of sexual chemistry without ever sleeping with them....ohhhhh it's possible!
*  The most important factors for compatibility vs deal breakers.
*  Guided meditations clear what is getting stirred up and additional hidden places you are ready to release.


  • 1 hour class per week for 6 weeks – At home, self-paced, self-study. Half of each week is educational and the other half is a powerful guided meditation/clearing. ($997 value) 

  • (5) Recorded MediClearings to help support this process.

  • 1 LIVE Group Q&A & 1 LIVE Global MediClearing - get lasered 1:1 support 

  • GIFT: I'm Ready For My Breakthrough mini-course ($19 value)

  • GIFTActivate My Money Manifesting Mini-Course ($19 value)

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