Highest Vibes Monthly LIVE Q&A & Monthly MediClearing

Available in 27 countries...

on the 1st Sunday, gain more clarity into what's troubling you or where you feel stuck. Just ASK a question & RECEIVE a lasered energy clearing.
On the 3rd Sunday, raise your vibes with a powerful MediClearing on a current topic ...6 pm SAN FRANCISCO, 9 pm MIAMI, 11 am SYDNEY, 2 am LONDON (following day).

TIME ZONE CONVERTER:  http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com

I will give an energetic perspective as to why you are not reaching your highest potential, what prevents you from living your dreams, why you struggle to manifest or feel unmotivated -- like what used to work no longer does.

Receive a brief clearing specific to you, and some suggestions.

ONLY the last month's Q&A will be archived, however, ALL MediClearings are archived and all members have access to them.

The following meditations are archived and all Members can access these growing numbers of MediClearings for download:

August 2020 ~ Freedom: Got Some?
July 2020 ~ Calm Among Chaos
June 2020 ~ Balance Divine Inner Union
May 2020 ~ Aligning Love During Venus Retrograde
April 2020 ~ Past Life Ritual Abuse
March 2020 ~ Is Your Money Safe?
February 2020 ~ Fears & Corona Virus
January 2020 ~ Realize Your Infinite Potential

December 2019 ~ Letting Go! (of an old year, decade, and life)
November 2019 ~ Taking It to Your Next Level
October 2019 ~ Release What Blocks Your Dreams
September 2019 ~ Release Anger
August 2019 ~ Building Trust
July 2019 ~ Depression /Anger /Creative Blocks
June 2019 ~ Access The Power of Your Voice
May 2019 ~ Allow Personal Permission
April 2019 ~ Spring *Easter* Resurrection
March 2019 ~ Launch Into Spring With Ease
February 2019 ~ Raise Abundance, Release Anger, Worry & Stress
January 2019 ~ Release Powerlessness

December 2018 ~ Let Go of 2018
November 2018 ~ Release The 1% Suppressive Energies
October 2018 ~ Release the False Ego
September 2018 ~ Amplify Your Power 
August 2018 ~ Align to Your Deepest Desires
July 2018 ~ Release Fears of Surrender
June 2018 ~ Clear Foreign Male Energy (Father's Day)
May 2018 ~ Connect Your Power to Your Heart
April 2018 ~ Step Into Your Next Level
March 2018 ~ Amplify Your Sexual Creative Energy
January 2018 ~ Empowered Women Uprising

December 2017 ~ Reset & Align the energy for the New Year
November 2017 ~ Sabotaging & Lack Mindsets
October 2017 ~ Fire Disaster Relief
September 2017 ~ The Power of Your Voice
August 2017 ~ New Moon Solar Eclipse Reset
July 2017 ~ Self-Gratitude
June 2017 ~ Father's Day
May 2017 ~ Depression


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