Supercharge Your Success ~ FREE Chapter of #1 Best Selling Book

Ready to take your life and business to the next level? "Supercharge Your Success" contains insider secrets to reaching new heights of health, wealth, happiness and achieving dreams. This book features feminine influencers and experts, including Jill Hendrickson, Claudia Castillo Holley, Dr. Kimberli Law, Barbera Ammahlia Schaefer Berdner, Patti Fagan, Ariel Lexina Adams, Sharon Lee, Sally Domingo, Lisa Meisels, Fariha Jafri, Holly Verbeck, Rose Scott, Kimberly Sherry, and Tracy Wiseman.

Kimberly shares how she went from near suicide, bankruptcy and living on the side of the road in her motorhome to earning a 6+ figure income. She shares what you need to know to create a life of Wealth Without Worry and these 3 secret discoveries:

   1) The simple shift to managing money without stress

   2) The number one secret to having more peace of mind and ease with money

   3) The money blocks of six figure women


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