Vibrational Compatibility Report™ 💕

"You can't gain any altitude if you're flying under the radar." 
Kimberly Sherry

This Vibrational Compatibility Report will give you YOUR'S and your PARTNER'S specific vibrational reading of more than fifty calibrations that affect every aspect of your life. Whether you are just getting to know someone or you've been in a relationship and wonder if it has run it's course, knowing compatibility can save a lot of wasted time, energy, and resources.

In order to allow the Law of Attraction to work in our favor, it's imperative for us to know where we stand vibrationally. What vibrations need elevating and which low vibrating energies need to be eliminated? If you are struggling in ANY area of your life, it will show up in these numbers. Your life will start to make more sense once you know your vibrational read and even more so with that of your partner. This can help determine if you are wasting your time or there just need some energetic adjustments.

You attract into your life what you energetically emit...that's the Law.

Instead of relying on SYMPTOMS to determine what our energetic issues are, numbers are more specific to tell you the degree of misalignment and where you are specifically holding the blocks bring your vibes down.

We often attract partners that we have unresolved past life issues with. What if you could know what unresolved past lives you have with them so they could be cleared? Then you don't need to repeat the past. This is an ascension hack and way to accelerate our growth and evolution personally and as a collective.

WHAT THIS WILL DO FOR YOUR PARTNERSHIP? By answer the following questions in your mind, you can determine how helpful knowing your calibrations or shifting them will be.

I will use my gifts of heightened awareness to tap into you and your partner's energy fields to measure these calibrations:

  • Mind ~ how vibrationally aligned in your thoughts are you with your partner? The higher the vibe the more positive your co-creative thoughts will be, conversations will flow.
  • Spirit ~ what is the overall mood of your relationship? Do you want to be around someone who has an underlying mood of anger or sadness, or joy and positivity?
  • Body ~ is your body chemistry energetically aligned?  You don't have to jump in the sack to find out if love making will be satisfying. Sexual chemistry is an important aspect of relationships and is a barometer of the health of your partnership.
  • Wealth ~ can the two of you hold the container for a relationship? 
  • Money ~ are you attracting a partner with a high wealth frequency? Will you be able to co-create financially?

    The following will be measured for each individually:
  • Martyr ~ how much unnecessary suffering are you creating? 
  • Victim ~ how much you are attracting feeling taken advantage of?
  • Shame ~ how much hiding energy do you have?
  • Anger ~ how much anger is simmering in the background that you may be unaware of?
  • Fear ~ how much of feeling paralyzed, unmotivated, distracted, tired, disabled, pushed down, and powerless is from fear? Some specific fears are identified.
  • Guilt ~ how much energy are you holding for past misconduct, immoral behavior, and/or harm to others?
  • False Ego ~ how much do you identifying yourself with a character or personality that is not the real you?
  • Jealousy ~ how suspicious are you of your partner?
  • Heart ~ how open are your heart centers?
  • Joy ~ how much are you in a state of BEing generated from within versus happy which is a temporary feeling from outer experiences?
  • Amusement ~ how much of a sense of humor do you have?
  • Unconditional love for yourself ~ how much self-love vs self-loathe do you have?
  • Pleasure ~ how big is your capacity to experience joyful gratification even beyond sexual pleasure?
  • Passion ~ how big is your ability to connect with what excites you about life and your mission on this planet?... not to be confused with anger.
  • Masculine ~ the mind: how much of this capacity do you access to use logic & reasoning, create structures, get things done, and stand in your unchangeable nature?
  • Feminine ~ the heart: how much do you self-nurture, tap into your creativity & intuition, collaborate, and self-generate love?
  • Embodied ~ how fully do you occupy your body? Not being in the body can be a coping mechanism for stress, but then you will miss important messages of what your body is telling you.
  • Conscious ~ how much are you operating from your conscious mind versus your sub-conscious awake are you?

    Additional aspects of the Infinity System™
  • Creative Rings ~ are you a master manifestor & creator? How many of your 50 rings are you using to create and manifest?
  • Senses ~ how many of your 360 senses are you accessing?
  • Ascension ~ how far have you ascended?
  • Circle of Reciprocity™ ~ are you able to give and receive? Then you won't blame your partner for not giving to you. It's up to you how much you allow yourself to surrender.

    These have the greatest negative effect on you and your partner:
  • Cords ~ how many people energetically block & siphon your energy and where do they plug in? How are you energetically corded to each other silently manipulating?
  • Outgrown Spirit Guides ~ how many are still operating from old paradigms keeping you in outdated beliefs, ways of being, and old habits and where are they in your energy filed?
  • Fear Entities ~ how many outside entities are causing unrealistic fears that prevent you from moving forward and where are they?
  • Control Beings ~ how many of your arguments are just these beings warring at each other used by the reptilian energies on the planet to keep their steady diet of anger?
  • The 1% ~ an energy heavily influencing the planet causing us to feel enslaved, thinking there is nothing we can do about it and feeling like struggle is our fault. What degree do they influence you?
  • Reptilian energy ~ how much are you being influenced by “THE” most powerful, deceptive, and oppressive invisible influence keeping humanity in self-doubts, uncertainty, anxiety, worry, anger, and fear?
  • Spells & Curses ~ have you ever felt like no matter what you do you never get the results you'd like? Spells & curses can be from this lifetime or past lifetimes.

    This has the greatest POSITIVELY POWERFUL effect on you and your partner:
  • Awakened Predator ~ "THE" most powerful part of our energy field with 360 degrees of heightened awareness where we access our 360 senses. How much are you accessing?

After using the Hawkins' scale of human consciousness to measure everything for four years and after 25 ayahausca journeys in the Amazon jungle in Peru, I broke through his scale and created the NEW INFINITY SCALE™ that reflects the ability to access infinite possibilities. While we know they exist, accessing them seemed to be out of range...until now.

I access my infinite intelligence connected to the quantum field to read and measure your energy without needing to speak to you, know anything about you, nor needing to see a picture of you. 

I have not heard of ANYONE that measures calibrations with such accuracy to help you amplify and accelerate your ascension. I have done thousands, of these readings and the most common reply is: "You nailed it." "Spot on!"

DO YOU NEED TO GET THE PARTNER'S PERMISSION TO DO THIS? No. The information being accessed is available to anyone who knows how to access the quantum field. I am only looking and not changing anything in their field.


  • your 14 page report with 60+ calibrations that affect all aspects of your relationships. ($444 value)
  • a complimentary 30 minute Breakthrough Assessment chat to get all your questions answered about your report, to see what you are trying to accomplish and to discover if you are ready to have all misaligned calibrations brought to stasis in 1.5 hours, or if other options are a better fit. ($250 value)
  • GIFT: I'm Ready For My Breakthrough mini-course ($19 value)
  • GIFTActivate My Money Manifesting Mini-Course ($19 value)

    Total Value ~ $700.+

Unlimited potential no longer needs to be just a concept. It can now be your reality. Place your request with both of your names in the box to your right... Let's get started!!

🔮 Please allow up to 48 hours to prepare your report, even longer if you order on a Friday or over the weekend. ✨🙏🏼✨


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