Energy Home Clearing ✨🏡💕

You want your home to feel like a sanctuary where you can feel safe and escape the chaos of the world...BUT...

Do you have rooms in your house that you avoid because they make your hair stand on end?
Do you have a hard time sleeping at night?
Does it feel like you've been cursed or have had a spell put on you?
Do you have a hard time getting motivated to work from home?
Do you get into lots of arguments?
Do you get sick often? Headaches? Unexplained nausea or body pains?
Do you feel unattractive when you look in the mirror?
Do your pets spook easily or do you see them watching things not there?
Do you want to sell your home, but are afraid people will feel the bad energy?
Have you been trying to sell your home, but it's just not moving?

Chances are you have lots of stagnant energy in your home which could have been left behind by previous owners, or just accumulated from living there a long time.

Additionally, you may have harmful portals in your home, discarnate beings (dead people), or curses put on your home.

Kimberly can also apply energetic remedies if you are suffering from health issues, business struggles, and relationship challenges.

If you are moving into a new home, you don't want to be living in the previous owner's residual energy. It's best to get this done BEFORE you move in.

And if you are already in your home, the fall season is a perfect time to prepare your home for that inward journey when we like to settle in. 


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