90-Day Premium Quantum Ascension Program

Designed for advanced healers, high-level coaches/mentors, and conscious entrepreneurs ready to fully anchor your life mission and step intentionally into your next level of professional power and success.

You've reached a significant level of success in your business, but what used to work now takes effort, late nights, and you've lost your ease and flow.

You like taking responsibility for your life, but it's starting to feel like there are too many odds against you. 

As a healer, you have a chest full of remedies, but they don't work like they used to. As a coach/mentor, you know what you should be doing, but you can't find the energy or patience. And as a conscious entrepreneur who sees what's really going on, you can't quite see what's blocking your creative inspiration.

The fact that you've showed up here tells me that we have a similar frequency that you can tap into. I have the keys to help you unlock your magic, momentum and mojo.

If you've already received your Vibrational Altitude Report, you've seen my abilities to scan your energy field without needing to speak with you or know anything about you and reveal with great accuracy what may be hidden and blocking your success. If you have not gotten this yet, it is included in this program.

She uses her highly intuitive gifts to assess where energetic blocks prevent your highest gifts from shining through so you can experience more peace of mind, joy, love, and ease in your life. A life of struggle, worry, and suffering is now optional. 

In your first private 1:1 session, all your calibrations, mentioned in your Altitude Report, will be brought to stasis, the level of infinite possibilities. You are the only one who limits those possibilities. 

Then over three months we will go deep to uncover what prevents your greatness from shining through.

Receive these benefits:

  • Enjoy more peace of mind as you eliminate unnecessary anger.
  • Become more courageous and confident as you release the fear that prevents...well everything you are not doing, having or being just yet.
  • Allow money, rich resources, and the opportunities that bring prosperity, and abundance to flow more effortlessly.
  • Discover more ease in all your relationships as communication becomes easier.
  • Feel seen as your clients or potential partner can finally find you.
  • Become 100% embodied so you can be home to receives all the messages your body is sending to you.
  • Feel supported by the spiritual realm as they help amplify your greatest powers.
  • Balance your logical, problem solving, action-taker with your highly intuitive, creative magnet.
  • Release the life draining connections to people trying to hold you back.
  • Allow the Law of Attraction to work in your favor in the highest vibrations possible.
  • Gain more clarity in all you do.
  • Enjoy more ease and wellness in your body.
  • Learn how to manage and eliminate the most destructive power on the planet keeping you in the energy of slavery, working hard, often feeling hopeless or powerless.

Any and all issues and problems you currently face will show up in your energy field so please finally get the relief you need!

** PRE-REQUISITE FOR WORKING WITH ME ~ Vibrational Altitude Report. This is included in your session. Please allow enough time between your request and your appointment for the report to be prepared, returned and reviewed by you. Can take up to 48 hours M-F for Kimberly to send your report.


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