Access YOUR Ultimate Power Mentoring Program


Learn Kimberly's signature process, The Infinity System from her book: Access YOUR Ultimate Power: The Blueprint to Infinite Intelligence, LIVE over 13 weeks to elevate the vibrations and frequency of ourselves, our families, our clients, our communities and more of the collective consciousness to infinite possibilities where all our dreams & desires already exist.  


Learn Kimberly's system for aligning to YOUR SuperPowers so you can bring your gifts forward to help accelerate the emerging awakening, expansion and evolution of humanity.

You won't become a cookie cutter of Kimberly. Instead, you will stand on her shoulders to allow her knowledge and gifts honed over nearly two decades to elevate you to where your greatest gifts are waiting to be embodied.

WHO this is for:

  • Advanced Healers, Light Workers, Wizards
  • Conscious Coaches, Wayshowers
  • Entrepreneurs with a big vision for humanity

WHAT's included:

  • Personal Altitude Report ($79 value)
  • 33 days of 20 min guided MediClearings ~ 8/8 to 9/9 ($222 value)
  • 13 consecutive weeks of class, mentoring, clearing & embodying ($6500 value)
  • Monthly Membership ($49 value)
  • Book: Access YOUR Ultimate Power: The Blueprint to Infinite Intelligence ($25 value)
  • Instructional videos
  • Illustrations
  • Charts

Starts with:

Vibrational Altitude Report: 17-18 page report measuring @ 40 calibrations. Know exactly where you are energetically before you start.



8/8 Saturday ~ We will meet as a group on Zoom to open the circle. All sessions are recorded in case you miss any.

We will meet as a group on Zoom every Tuesday, 10 am PST for 1.5 hrs for 13 weeks from 8/8 to 11/3.

1/3 of each class 1.5 hr class we will learn, discover, and deepen Kimberly's discipline and signature process. 1/3 will be a personal check-in with participants and 1/3 will be a MediClearing to energetically clear what prevents you from taking your next most powerful steps into your Ultimate Power. 

  • Lesson 1: Overview of the Infinity System - running your energy.

  • Lesson 2: Feeling Safe in Our Bodies - why you should never cut energy cords.

  • Lesson 3: Create Magnetically - working with our Circle of Reciprocity & Creative Rings.

  • Lesson 4: Balancing Masculine & Feminine super powers - unplugging from The 1% & Reptilian energies.

  • Lesson 5: Our Infinite Intelligence - the heart of the program, clearing self-judgements.

  • Lesson 6: Our Influential Voice - 8 essentials to clear communication.

  • Lesson 7: Our Magical Mind - clearing the false ego allowing authenticity.

  • Lesson 8: Our Personal Permission - crafting our dreams.

  • Lesson 9: Spiritual Realm Amplifies - navigating dark & light, releasing outgrown spirit guides, fear entities and The 1% & Reptilian energies.

  • Lesson 10: Putting It All Together - measuring calibrations.

  • Lesson 11: Using Avatars to Heal our Bodies - being fully embodied.

  • Lesson 12: Using Avatars to Heal Relationships & Our Business - WE Space & BIZ Space.

  • Lesson 13: Q&A - creating clarity and next steps.

HOMEWORK: Listen to Reprogramming meditations at bedtime, some exercises in-between classes, optional: being able to practice with each other.


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