Activate My Money Manifesting Mini-Course

The key to manifesting more money is NOT working harder. The key is raising your vibration to where more money exists and then becoming aligned to a higher vibration of money. This is much more effortless than you'd imagine. AND it doesn't mean you sit under your money tree meditating waiting for money to fall in your lap.

Once you've raised your money vibes, new opportunities, ideas and aha's will come to mind that will need action to be taken. You may even receive smaller gifts from the Universe as it tests your level of gratitude. When you're grateful, you tell the universe what you want more of.

You may also manifest larger unexpected gifts like Jessica, the founder of Fem Talks and Rebel Priestess Magazine who participated in a group meditation for her private group of clients. She reported an unexpected $6000 week and $10,000 month.

Or Matt, a gifted healer who felt stuck financially. After doing the meditation and focusing on two specific areas I suggested, the following day he called to tell me an unexpected sale of some stocks netted him $150,000.

Or Jerry who had been unemployed for 4 months. He opened his phone after meditating and noticed someone had deposited $500 in his account. Later that night he got an email regarding a contract he had planted seeds on months before. That contract netted $250,000 with the NLF.

Or, Jack who got a Personal Vibrational Temperature Report and said he didn't agree with the numbers for his "Wealth" and "Money" since he had made $2 million dollars the previous year. We did the meditation together anyway. The following week he called to say he hadn't told the whole story. While he made $2 million the previous year, this year he had only made $400,000 and it was already August. Right after our session, he reported that a large contract of about $100,000 came in. Over the next 4-5 days, he reported a total of $800,000 worth of contracts that came in. He said he was now a believer. 

While I NEVER make any guarantees about how much YOU can make, if any, since I have NO control of the efforts you will put into the process, I do know that when you raise your vibrations, your world WILL shift. What I do is help you pave the way to a higher frequency.

Get aligned in three simple steps and a powerful MediClearing designed to help you release lower vibrating energies in your money...whether it's your parents or an ex, or just limiting and lack mindsets. Raise those money vibes NOW!


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