The Energy of Money

Program's Promise:

"Change Your Relationship with Money and Find Peace of Mind, Attract More Clients and Money Without Hard Work"

The SECRET to making and keeping more money is less about going out and working hard to get it than it is about aligning yourself to a specific frequency and energy that resonates with your highest intentions.

This course will help you become aligned with your highest money frequency so you can allow the Law of Attraction to work in your favor. 


  • 1 hour class per week for 6 weeks – At home, self-paced, self-study. Half of each week is educational and the other half is a powerful guided meditation/clearing. ($997 value) 

  • 1 LIVE Group Q&A & 1 LIVE Global MediClearing - get lasered 1:1 support from Kimberly Sherry for your specific issues where you may have been unable to clear on your own on the 1st & 3rd Sunday at 6 pm PST. It's recorded so questions can be submitted to listen to later. ($49 value)

  • BONUS: The Dream Architect Toolkit ~ create the most powerful vision boards on the planet! ($300 value)

❖ WEEK 1 ~ Money Mindsets

The 2 main reasons why is it so hard to make money?
Why does money stop flowing?
How does money get blocked?

❖ WEEK 2 ~ Make and Manifest Money

Learn the importance of your invisible energy system as it relates to money.
Where do money blocks exist in your energetic field?
How can you remove them?

❖ WEEK 3 ~ Keep and Manage Money

Discover why and how to keep your money vibration high.
Do you unconsciously make your money feel unwelcome?
How to treat money like a lover…
Is magical money thinking dangerous?

❖ WEEK 4 ~ Leadership and Communication

How to step into your money power and break through the forbidden topic of money?
How to have effortless money conversations…
Discover how communication cords can block your money and create energy leaks.
Discover why cutting cords is dangerous and a better way to remove people who are attached to you and sapping your energy and causing you to think their thoughts.

❖ WEEK 5 ~ Money Team

Who you need on your team and what to look for to help you manage your money?

❖ WEEK 6 ~ Leverage and Invest Money

How to make your money work for you…
Will you have enough to retire?


SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If after the first week you decide this is not for you, simply ask for a refund before the second week is delivered and we will return your money, no questions asked. 😉

Send questions to: [email protected]


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