6-Week Energy Reset & Activation

If it feels like this New Year has taken off without you, and everything that used to work is no longer effective, or you just can't seem to be motivated enough to make "it" happen...whether this applies to your business, relationships, or your health and well-being...if you want different results, you must do things differently.

Your life will be transformed, ONLY if you clear the underlying, lower vibrating energies that keep causing sabotage, and the Law of Polarity -- abundance followed by lack. There is an energetic reason this keeps happening whether this means a lack of money, resources, love, support, or vitality.

Your dreams already exist -- you just need to become aligned to them.


EARLY BIRDS: Before the program even starts, you'll be able to start raising your vibes by releasing fear & anger with the BONUS self-paced mini-course: (Links provided only to see what's included.) Ready for My Breakthrough Mini-Course as soon as you sign up. You'll also have access to the Monthly Membership which includes nearly 3 years of MediClearings you can access immediately.

This program starts with your Personal Vibrational Temperature Report. You need to know where you are vibrationally to know how far you are from your highest vibrations. The higher the vibes, the easier it is to access your dreams. You'll receive your report shortly after you sign-up so you can do some pre-work on yourself.

The entire course including bonuses runs from April 5 - May 17th. Our first class starts on April 8th. All the details will be in the program.

(6) LIVE group clearings for six-weeks: Wednesdays, April 8 - May 13 (Thursdays in Australia)

(12) Personal Vibrational Temperature Readings - you can't know where you are going until you know where you are. Clients released 97% of the energies holding them back in the first class. 

Sunday, April 19 ~ Global Group MediClearing

Sunday, May 3 ~ Global Group Q&A

BONUS: Dream Architect Toolkit to create the most powerful vision boards on the planet with my proprietary system honed over a decade during the weekend of the new moon (4/23) on April 24-26. 

BONUS: Activate My Money Manifesting mini-course to help you keep your money vibes high...you'll be able to access this immediately to get a head start before the program begins so you can go even deeper.

BONUS: Upcoming book - Access YOUR Ultimate Power: The Blueprint to Infinite Intelligence

Get added support in the private Wealth Without Worry FB group.

I can't wait to help you with your transformation into infinite possibilities. ūü§ó


Only 8 people will be accepted into this program.
The last one SOLD OUT so, do not delay APPLYING for 
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