11 Signs You Are A Money Martyr

Are you tired of suffering with your money? Are you fed up with settling for less, not getting paid what you’re worth, and bumping up against your glass ceiling? Ready to give up working until you’re exhausted and trying to prove your worth? Then you’ll enjoy this new insight on how to accelerate your life of Wealth Without Worry.

I recently discovered some new energies that I can surprisingly clear very easily. I made this discovery with the help of my coach Rick Paris. (Yes, everyone who truly desires to reach their next level needs to work with some kind of coach/mentor.) He helped me find some martyr energy after a few unusual and highly charged events interacting with some friends.

After discovering this martyr energy, I privately on my own went to work to find the cause and source of this energy. At first, I was surprised to find I had any martyr energy because I have already done so much healing on myself and I didn’t feel like a martyr. However, I was no stranger to this energy as my mother was a professional martyr and had raised me and my four siblings in a religious cult where self-sacrifice and loooooong suffering were the backbone of my spiritual family. We were always to think of others first. Anything short of this was considered selfish. Even masturbation was considered self-abuse.

I am always looking for ways to expand and grow. Not because I feel broken, damaged, or defective, but because it’s the path of the healer. A healer can only heal others to the extent they have healed themselves. Once I found this energy I knew I would also be able to help more of my clients. The impact is beyond my wildest dreams and is just unfolding.

Before I cleared this martyr energy in myself, I measured mine to be at 55%. As I cleared the energies relating to this specific energy, I found a spirit guide I had outgrown after 65 lifetimes of working together! Enough already!!! After removing this, the percent of martyr energy dropped to 30%. Then I found another outdated guide and removed it which dropped it down to 10%. Then a final one that brought it down to 5%. I figured I could live with 5%. I shared this with Rick, my coach, and he said, “NO! Take it ALL out. Even the smallest percent will attract some martyrdom into your life." I found the last little bit and have come down to and am staying at zero percent. YAY!!

I immediately realized I had been settling for less in the love department. While I had manifested the most amazing french lover, I was still seeing this was not a big heart connection. So I ended it…not an easy task to give up great sex…

Back to money!

I started sharing this new found knowledge with my clients. I started seeing the money martyr patterns which I will share here. Since this new download of information is only a couple of  weeks old, much is still unfolding. However, a client who was unable to pay me before clearing this energy, in myself and then in her, is now gladly on a new payment schedule and new clients are are rolling in. See if you can relate to any of this?

11 Signs You Are A Money Martyr:

  1. Money causes you to suffer.
    You may feel betrayed by your money and feel it has not been there to support you, nurture you, and it can’t be relied on for any sense of consistency.
  2. You accept less than your value.
    You know you deserve more but compare yourself to others to determine your prices. You often do trades and usually are on the short end of the stick. You generally feel inclined to give discounts.
  3. You give much more than expected to prove your worth.
    Martyrs have a low self-value and will feel like they need to prove to others what they know is buried deep inside.
  4. You give money away that then causes you to suffer.
    Do not confuse this with being generous. This is being foolish.
  5. You believe you must work HARD for your living.
    This is part of the need to prove your worth. It is also a masculine energy women have been using to their detriment. You will never be able to work hard enough because the martyr energy will keep pulling you back into this hard work energy often to the risk of your health.
  6. You stay late or work loooooong hours causing suffering at home.
    As you continue to work very hard proving your worth, your family often takes second place, feels neglected, acts out, creates additional stress and drama which only feeds this martyr energy. You are generally last on your list.
  7. You settle for less saying money is not that important.
    Just like a friend who does not feel important or valued by you, they won’t stick around for long. Money is important and can create awesome life experiences and more joy. It just needs to be balanced. If you have martyr energy, you will cause suffering with a little or a lot of money.
  8. You feel bad asking for more money.
    Because of your beliefs that money causes suffering and you don’t want others to suffer, you are afraid to ask for more. You think in terms of what you or they will lose as opposed to what you or they will gain.
  9. You have a hard time saying “NO” to things you don’t really want to do but feel it’s part of your job.
    Martyrs suck it up and don’t feel like they have the right to complain. They have no voice.
  10. You don’t reward yourself for your accomplishments.
  11. You feel a sense of pride when you tell others how much you suffer.
    When you think of people like Mother Teresa who became a saint for being a martyr, it may seem very noble to not only suffer but to feel proud of it.LADIES, WOMEN, AND SISTERS!!…Being a martyr is an OLD energy that is no longer working and does not serve the upcoming women who are leading the world into a new paradigm of being! It’s time to STOP SUFFERING!

Since discovering this Martyr energy, I have also come across Victim energy, and Shame energy. Often those who are martyrs feel like they can’t do anything about it. That is victim energy. Shame keeps it all together and hidden from any kind of help.

While you may not think of yourself as a victim and don’t want to look at your shame, if you have ANY PERCENT of these energies, you WILL attract this into your life even if it’s to a small degree. By clearing it ahead of time you will be able to attract or react to these energies differently when they do arrive. If you are already deep in a situation involving any of these energies, the only way out is to clear them. It’s the Law…the Law of Attraction. You WILL attract “like” energies. Even if you don’t believe in this law, it works just like the Law of Gravity.

On one hand, these energies of Martyr, Victim, and Shame may be intertwined and very similar, however, they are also very different and specific to certain behaviors, actions, patterns, and HABITS. These are extremely hard to break without help. Reflect on how long you may have been working on NOT doing any of the above listed behaviors…? Geeeez, it took me nearly 61 years to find mine and I am a healer!!

Start future visioning what your future could be like if you had NO Martyr, Victim, or Shame energies. I am super excited to bring this new clarity about these energies and how to clear them in my group programs and 1:1 clients. In your first private hour clearing with me or group program, these will all be brought to ZERO PERCENT!

Because of my gift and superpower of being able to measure frequencies and percentages, I can tell you exactly what percent of these energies you currently carry. That will answer a lot for you!..

Order your Vibrational Altitude Report™ 🔮, this seventeen page report will give you YOUR specific vibrational reading of more than fifty calibrations (including money, martyr, victim & shame) that affect every aspect of your life and will help you understand how far you are from reaching your deepest dreams and desires that already exist. 

You can use your own methods to clear these blocks or schedule a 30 minute appointment with me to answer your questions and see how much of these energies you need to clear.

I'm also offering a 6-week online program 'The Energy Of Money', that will help you change your relationship with money and find peace of mind, attract more clients and money without hard work, 80% off right now with the code ABUNDANCE!!

Can’t wait to connect with you!!

To your abundant blessings,



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