11 Signs You Are A Money Martyr

Are you tired of suffering with your money? Are you fed up with settling for less, not getting paid what you’re worth, and bumping up against your glass ceiling? Ready to give up working until you’re exhausted and trying to prove your worth? Then you’ll enjoy this new insight on how to accelerate your life of Wealth Without Worry.

I recently discovered some new energies that I can surprisingly clear very easily. I made this discovery with the help of my coach Rick Paris. (Yes, everyone who truly desires to reach their next level needs to work with some kind of coach/mentor.) He helped me find some martyr energy after a few unusual and highly charged events interacting with some friends.

After discovering this martyr energy, I privately on my own went to work to find the cause and source of this energy. At first, I was surprised to find I had any martyr energy because I have already done so much healing on myself and I didn’t feel like a martyr....

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