33 Days Towards Courageous Leadership ✨🙏🏼✨

Wow!!  We've just finished ’40 Days of Reinventing Love During Venus Retrograde’ program where every day (for 40 days!! ) we have been clearing foreign energies and outdated programming, healing and realigning to infinite possibilities of love!

Back by popular demand, we will be starting again July 1 for 33 days to focus on the #1 voted theme: Courageous Leadership  to step into our ultimate power no matter what chaos may be going on around us!

33 days of daily 20 minute MediClearings is more than a guided meditation practice. It's a chance to clear what energetically prevents your next step into your path as a luminary.

We will step into being fearless, being seen  and heard, eliminating the angry false ego, and creating a clearer vision of who and how we need to lead so we can BE the change we seek.

Space is limited and already filling up, so grab this opportunity while it lasts  here:

'33 Days Towards Courageous...

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