Virtual AYUP Book Launch Party 🥳📘💫 11/20/2020

ayup book Dec 02, 2020

“You can’t gain any altitude if you’re flying under the radar.” – kimberly sherry

It's finally COMPLETE!  My book ‘Access YOUR Ultimate Power: The Blueprint to Infinite Intelligence’ had been launched on 11/20/2020. = 8 (infinity) 

This book outlines an effective and simple system for accelerating your growth, expansion, and ascension. It shows you how to find and evaluate blocked energies and their causes and guides you through the process of eliminating them!

Thank YOU  all who has joined LIVE to celebrate this special moment with me on Facebook or Instagram ~ I was not only sharing the process of writing my book, answering your questions but also giving you the opportunity to enter a drawing for the amazing prizes from $79 - $750!  !!

We had 4 lucky winners from the book launch drawing!  I had a neutral person pick the winners from all the names of those who emailed their receipt to...
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33 Days Towards Courageous Leadership ✨🙏🏼✨

Wow!!  We've just finished ’40 Days of Reinventing Love During Venus Retrograde’ program where every day (for 40 days!! ) we have been clearing foreign energies and outdated programming, healing and realigning to infinite possibilities of love!

Back by popular demand, we will be starting again July 1 for 33 days to focus on the #1 voted theme: Courageous Leadership  to step into our ultimate power no matter what chaos may be going on around us!

33 days of daily 20 minute MediClearings is more than a guided meditation practice. It's a chance to clear what energetically prevents your next step into your path as a luminary.

We will step into being fearless, being seen  and heard, eliminating the angry false ego, and creating a clearer vision of who and how we need to lead so we can BE the change we seek.

Space is limited and already filling up, so grab this opportunity while it lasts  here:

'33 Days Towards Courageous...

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Sign-ups for affiliate links are now READY!!

affiliate program Jun 28, 2020

Hello Beloved Friends...

I have great news for those who love my message and value the transformation I create. . .

There’s an authentic way to share your experience about working with me one-on-one or being a part of one of my programs with your friends and community.

You can not only generate additional $$ but also help other individuals raise their vibration and access ultimate power ~ there’s nothing more empowering than to witness united men & women leading this world into the Golden Age!

If this sounds like you, you can now join my affiliate program by signing up below:

Once you create an account you’ll find your unique shareable links to the specified products (‘Vibrational Altitude Report’ which is a prerequisite to work with me and ’33 Days Towards Courageous Leadership’ daily guided MediClearing practice program) on your dashboard.

How It Works:

  • Copy and share those...
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Anger: Harness or Eliminate It?

anger May 27, 2020

There is much to be angry about these days... Injustice abounds!

In its healthy state, anger is a natural emotion that lets us know when things are NOT fair, just, or when boundaries are violated. It’s an energy than can move or motivate us to take the right action.

Like any emotion, anger has its pros and cons. On the one hand, it can correct injustice, it can stop oppression, and it can prevent disorder. In an unhealthy distorted state, it can cause violence, cruelty, chaos, and fear as we are seeing all around us...

There are also varying degrees of anger from irritation and annoyance to indignation and fury to depression if it is turned inward. The short answer to whether this emotion should be harnessed or eliminated is… it depends!

I’ve harnessed anger in the past to save my life...

When I walked into a sporting goods store in a daze many years ago to buy a gun to end my life, thoughts of my two children snapped me back into reality. I tapped into my...

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